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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

by Prince of Peace

Mar 08, 2019

Podcast: Click here to listen to Episode 1: Welcome to At The Well"

Bridget Sabbath
I like to get to know people in terms of their relationships and who they love. Rather than the standard way of what we do for a job, or to make a living. Because trying to tell others what a stay-at-home mom does all day always leaves me at a loss at how to describe something that is so hectic, spontaneous, and wonderful.

Before I had kids, I met and married the best fit for me. His name is Robert and he is joyful, enthusiastic about all things concerning our family, and has infected us with a love for Disney. He has become so much of who I am because he loves me in a way I didn't know possible and challenges me to become a better wife and mother every day. There really is no one I'd rather journey through life with than him. We constantly try to improve our marriage with counseling, prayer, and fun! Date nights are a must, even when we are pulled in a million different directions. We also have 3 boys: Boland, Maurice, and Frankie who are lovable and challenging.

I'm very passionate about cultivating a life filled with Christ. This has looked really different at each stage of my adult life and currently I am seeking to find Christ in parenting little children and the very hard and real struggles that come along. It has been a blessing to walk with other mothers who really know in this moment of life, how difficult it can be and who are an immense support and show me hope when things seem daunting. Part of how Christ speaks to my heart is through others' stories and experiences of Him. Listening to others find and then pursue a life with Christ has always touched my heart and has helped me to see that He is ALWAYS faithful and ALWAYS with us.

Small groups are my jam, so I am in a few. Being part of a group for Robert and I to grow with other couples has been invaluable for us to continue to grow and has provided us with so many ridiculously awesome friendships. Through this I have really seen what true community is supposed to be. These are not the sitcom relationships we are surrounded with, but people who are really fighting for great marriages and to be the best parents by loving their spouses and children with the love of God.

I'm so excited for this part of my life that is demanding, but I hope to really be able to relish the moments that are coming. And not forget that it is difficult and I'm really tired right now! Because others should know, I'm just a real person that gets frustrated and angry and fails a lot. I have to ask forgiveness from my husband often and my children even more so. I hope through the podcast and blog that people can see that I have faith and hope in Christ but also that I'm not an expert in anything and all we can do is to keep trying and start again when we need to.

Nicole Munroe
Hey Friends! I am Nicole Munroe I am a neophyte that is hungry for all things Catholic and Trinitarian. I was baptized Easter 2017. Since then I have been on a whirlwind of a Holy Spirit ride. I have a marriage that literally soothes my soul. My other half Neal Munroe is the gorgeous guitar player at 12:30 mass. We are raising three beautiful children Arthur 7, Elton 3, and Sarah 18 months. They are my reason for conversion. I think when you love someone as much as your husband and children you want to be the best version of yourself to give to them.

As a stay at home mom it is easy to isolate yourself. Which is where I spent most of my motherhood, under a pile of laundry. I was tired. I was angry. I was really anxious. I was desperate for God. God’s plan for me was so much bigger and it was through the community at Prince of Peace that I think it was meant to flourish. Whether it is my Family Connect group where Neal and I hear how other parents combat the same trials that we do as parents, or we talk about how we can make our marriages awesome and relationships with our kids better, or we just get together because we love to be around each other and each other’s kids. I found a Mom’s Connect group where we bonded on our love for Christ and our invisible struggles.

From the influence of all these new Catholic friends we started reading new books and talking about topics we had only discussed amongst ourselves or maybe close family. We bonded so quickly when you really dove into the heart of the matter authentically.

After a year of meeting together regularly at the church, in each others homes, and forming community that I had only dreamt about, the Holy Spirit starting moving in really big ways in all our lives. One of the many big things is this awesome podcast that Bridget and I thought was only a dream was dropped into our laps. Finally I felt like we had an open up the line of communication to the whole parish. Have a place where everyone is invited to tell their Holy Spirit moment. An all inclusive space to learn and share our stories as a parish. I believe that when we share our stories and we hear other peoples stories of God working in their lives, that we really become so much more cognizant of where the Holy Spirit is orchestrating in our own lives.

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