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Blog: What fears or distractions are overwhelming me?

by Prince of Peace

Oct 04, 2020

What fears or distractions are overwhelming me? When has my faith in Jesus given me
strength to do something I would otherwise have been afraid to do?
As a wife, mother and
grandmother, I can honestly say that fears and distractions change depending on my stage of
life. Unless we are dealing with something catastrophic, fears might be about money and bills,
about how and when to discipline children, about relationships and love, or the lack of love,
and more. As a senior, fears about what the future holds in terms of health or financial stability,
a fear of loneliness, fears of pain and disease, fear of losing loved ones, fear of losing our
freedoms…the list changes but never ends. With Covid 19, we’ve all discovered our
circumstances can change almost overnight. I’m a believer that there are no coincidences in
life. God is in control. Covid 19 and the many changes that impacted the lives of everyone,
young and old, were extremely unsettling until I realized that so often my (our) fears are due to
a lack of faith and trust in God. Jesus had fear too. In the garden, he literally begged his Father
in Heaven to take his cup away but in the end trusts his Father enough to accept “thy will be
done.” This realization helped me to trust Jesus enough to know that no matter what the
circumstance, if I can find a way to do God’s will, instead of fighting it, even though I don’t
understand it, my fear will be replaced with peace. This kind of trust in Jesus has given me the
strength to volunteer where others my age might not, but far more important is the
understanding that trusting in Jesus no matter what, has diminished my hesitancy and
strengthened my resolve to speak out about issues such as justice and righteousness.
Nevertheless, I need to ask Jesus to strengthen my trust in him constantly, maybe even on an
hourly, basis!

-Jan Nichols

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