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Creating Community Through Podcasts

by Prince of Peace

About two years ago our parish began looking at ways to build content that would breath life into our everyday routine and help us focus on Christ amidst the chaos (work, school, traffic, you get the idea).

One of the ways in which we decided to support people who desire to grow in their relationship with Christ is through the production of a podcast. One could argue that we have a lot of podcasts out there already to choose from, and plenty that would be of better production value and would not take up time in creating, producing and editing to make them.

Here is the difference maker. We're fostering a community of people here at Prince of Peace and it is through the community that we build each other up, challenge each other to more and even share our struggles. If everything flows from our experience of Jesus at Mass into our everyday life than this can assist us in keeping whatever God is revealing to us at the forefront of our minds. Thus PoPcast was born to get the concept to idea and idea to reality.

Then great things started to happen. Talented people from the parish community with experience in this field came forward to help in making it sound good. after about a year of episodes we had two parishioners come forward with an idea that would really "blow the lid off" and thus At The Well was born into reality. Bridget Sabbath and Nicole Munroe host At The Well which breaks open topics of faith, in a real and personal way, with beautiful stories of people in our parish community.

One might say that this is an internally focused gesture and that it may not be healthy to always be focused on the "inside" and that statement is 100% true. However, in order to Live as Disciples, we need to constantly be fed spiritually and surround ourselves with people that will help us with that. At The Well not only builds up our community but it's a tool for us to use as invitation and introduction so that maybe others might come to know Jesus.

Check out At The Well!