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Divine Mercy Cenacle

by Prince of Peace

Dec 02, 2019

Deacon Bob Perri

The cenacle or small faith-sharing group is as old as the church itself. The Divine Mercy group meets to share followship, deepen their Catholic faith, and deepen their knowledge of the Divine Mercy message. Members share their struggles and joys in applying it to their lives and seek to live out their faith together by performing both spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Formation is the arrangement of a body or a group of persons to some prescribed manner or for a particular purpose. The Divine Mercy group seeks as an outcome the fostering of a f01mative process intended to alter an individual's spiritual growth and development in a more favorable or positive direction. The Divine Mercy group provides an opportunity for individuals to deepen their understanding and experience of The Divine Mercy -which our Lord invites us to exercise towards all others. Always mindful that the ABC's of mercy call us to Ask for God's mercy, Be merciful to others, and Completely trust in His mercy. As He is merciful to us, we are to be merciful to others.

Trust is the hallmark of those living the message of Divine Mercy. Trust is faith in action. TRUST is T-Total R-Reliance U-Upon S-Saving T-Truth, which is Jesus Christ. The group's goal is to help individuals develop a spirituality grounded in hope and an understanding that God is a God of love and forgiveness. We belief that knowledge of God's mercy and forgiveness will give individuals the freedom necessary to allow themselves to grow spiritually.