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by Connect Team

Apr 08, 2019

“Fasting. . . What’s that going to do? What is that going to help with?”

Spiritually, fasting opens up the relationship between us and God as we begin to acknowledge him more as our continual provider and releases the Holy Spirit to do His special work of change in us. As we fast, consuming less, we actually become more thankful for what we have in front of us. This humility and thankfulness are at the core of a Christian spirituality.

Throughout the ages, God’s people have prayed and fasted; Moses, Esther, Isaiah, David, the disciples, and Jesus. There is over 35 fasts recorded in Scripture. Fasting enhances our spiritual sensitivity to God and the need of others. It is a biblical way to humble oneself and changes our relationship with God, taking us into a deeper life in Christ and gives us a greater awareness of God’s presence in our lives.

It is important to prepare yourself spiritually as the very foundation of prayer and fasting is repentance. In Scripture God always requires us to repent of our sins before He will hear our prayers. Confess every sin that the Holy Spirit calls to your remembrance and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything in your heart that is not pleasing to God.

Check out these 3 videos from Fr. Mike Schmitz for more spiritual insight!