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Using The Platform God Gives You [Heath Migliore]

by Prince of Peace

Much of our journey in life is discovering our “why”: Why am I here? Why did God make me? When we asked Heath Migliore about his “why,” he said, “I looked like a fool in high school — ripped shirts, jeans, a total metalhead. I was a total rebel. Over time, as I have matured in my faith journey, I think about what I have always been drawn to. Jesus was the ultimate rebel. He went against the grain on everything and it cost Him His life. What He did in just three years was so profound to me. I can’t help but be obsessed with the whole idea of who Jesus is and why He died for us when He didn’t have to. I aspire to know the person of Jesus more and more — I’m so thirsty to know more about Him.”

Health Migliore takes full advantage of the platform that God has given him. Read more here.