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Parenting without anger

by Prince of Peace

Mar 28, 2019

Podcast: Click here to listen to Episode #4: "Parenting without anger with Katie Vegter"

Over the past year I have gotten to see the way you love on your children and other people’s children I noticed that the way you love them is so patient and so kind. Almost like you have this beautiful childlike and maternal spirit all in one. What is your guiding principal for motherhood?
Katie: I see my children as whole beings.

This is why I love Katie so much. The way she approaches her vocation as a mother is so intentional and seems so simple or easy to understand when she speaks about it, but believe me there is nothing simple to the way this woman parents. I think that the concept of looking at our children as they are whole complete people. We are here only to guide them and point them to The One. It is so hard to detach ourselves from some sort of personal ownership in our children's behavior. Katie reminds us that our children are whole beings that are just new and need our advice and firm guidance sometimes. We as women have been gifted these beautiful Marian Graces like kindness, receptivity, honesty, and Katie embodies them so purely. With her gentle spoken truth it is easy to see why her children and husband hold her so dear.

One of the other topics we spoke on was the way we pictured parenting before we were parents and how the reality is different. Personally, this was such a hard picture to let go of. As most women do I would day dream as a girl about what life would look like once I was a wife and mother. All the ways I was going to do things differently so my children would not be wounded as I was in my childhood. I had fairy tale ideas of what being a family was going to really be. I think it goes back to what Katie said about our children being whole beings when they come into this world. We do not know how to plan for another persons personality in a family before you have met them. The people I thought my children would be were direct reflections of myself. Every parenting idea I had was on how I wanted to be parented when I was their age. You can clearly see the mistake right? They aren't me. There fore the way they communicate, how their feelings work, the way they learn is all unique to who they are. I would have never been able to really understand that. The more children I have the more I realize I how little I really know. The things you start to learn is how to communicate with different personalities. My children have taught me more about mercy, grace, and healing than any other knowledge I have acquired.

I am so very thankful that our Prince of Peace family got to see a little of this jewel Katie Vegter.

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