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Sharing Our Story

by Connect Team

Sep 10, 2018

The most influential story you can share is your own. Let's never be embarrassed about this faith aspect of our life.

This doesn't mean we all need spectacular testimonies. Your story and experience of God is worth sharing. Don't undersell it. In today’s world, it is harder and harder to really know each other as we truly are. Stories of grace allow us to come to know one another in the light of Christ. There are several ways to approach this. One way is to ask the group a question (see examples below) and ask for volunteers to share their thoughts.

It is important that each person in the group be given the opportunity on a voluntary basis. Do not comment while the speaker is talking or afterwards to share a similar story. This is their story and all that is asked of you is to listen with your heart.

•What is an experience of God that you can authentically share?
•Where am I growing in my faith?
•Where have I struggled and come through with the help of Jesus?
•What has Jesus done in you
•What do I need Jesus to do for me now?

In sharing your story and experience of God, rather than just ideas or beliefs about God, you are more likely to encourage people in their own spiritual search. Let your story invite people toward experiences of God, not just ideas about God.