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Blog: Transubstantiation

by Julie Rask

Nov 12, 2020

Do you believe in Transubstantiation? What is Transubstantiation? Transubstantiation is when the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. When the priest speaks the words of consecration during Mass, the substance of the bread and wine is changed into the substance of Christ’s Body and Blood. (Finding God. Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry).

The doctrine of Transubstantiation is based upon the words of Jesus Himself when He instituted the Eucharist. Jesus took the bread and said, “This is my body” (Mt 26:26), and He took the cup filled with wine and said, “This is my blood” (Mt 26:28).” –Catholic News Herald

Transubstantiation is something that we accept on faith alone. It has always been a matter of faith. But in addition to accepting this Doctrine on faith, there is also actual scientific proof of the Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist. There have been many Eucharistic Miracles; too many to name here. So we will look at the Miracle in Lanciano and the Miracle of Buenos Aires. The miracle in Lanciano took place in the 8th century and is believed to be the first of the known Eucharistic Miracles; the Miracle in Buenos Aires took place in 1996. In both these and multiple other miracles, samples were sent off for scientific analysis. The results were the same in all cases. “Then Doctor Ricardo Castanon Gomez arranged to have the lab reports from the Buenos Aires miracle compared to the lab reports from the Lanciano miracle, again without revealing the origin of the test samples. The experts making the comparison concluded that the two lab reports must have originated from test samples obtained from the same person. They further reported that both samples revealed an AB positive blood type. They are all characteristic of a man who was born and lived in the Middle East region.” In all cases the host was shown to be flesh from the heart muscle of a living human being.

-Julie Rask

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