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Stories of Hope

The purpose of this experience is to give space for you to reflect on the various movements in life living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.Specifically, reflecting on one moment of conversion or a particular encounter with the living God that has made you who you are today. During each conference session, you will begin to reflect and write pieces of your testimony while growing in your relationship with Christ. That way when the opportunity comes up for you to share about your relationship with Jesus to someone in need - you'll be comfortable in doing so!

Session #1 God's Great Story

In this session you will be challenged to reflect on your own journey of faith as a great love story between us and God. When have we encountered Christ in a powerful way? How has he pursued us? Is their a specific encounter with our Lord that profoundly impacted you?

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Session #2 Toward Damascus

In any encounter with Christ, one leaves changed in some way. Even if you've choose later to reject that change, there is no escaping the fact that the God of the Universe has touched your life. It is like fire that touches paper – it is going to leave a mark.

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Session #3 The Call & The Boat

When Christ called you to be a disciple, He called your God-given gifts, talents, hobbies, interests, and quirks to discipleship as well. For this reason, your conversion is unique. God created you in His image, and God shares a unique relationship with each of His children.

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Session #4 Love & The Mission

After an experience of conversion life is lived as a response to Christ’s call to discipleship. Living the relationship of love to which Chris calls you. Every day is a daily invitation into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Relationships are the result of what we invest in them. Your relationship with Christ is what you put into it and what you allow Him to do with you. Christ is waiting for you and constantly asking you if you still love Him, and then He will call you to follow Him in a renewed, deeper way.

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Session #5 Share Your Story

In this session we take all that we've heard, all that we reflected on and all that we prayed through and share it. We share our stories in thanksgiving for what the Lord has done through our lives. Sharing a witness story is not necessarily about spotlighting a person for a world accolade but sharing with other that a life in Christ is possible and worth it. The beauty of sharing testimony is that every story is different, unique and specific just like the Christian journey - different for every person.

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