Weekend Masses
-Saturday: 5p
-Sunday: 7:30a, 9:30a, 12p, 2:30p(esp), 5p

Weekday Masses
-Monday-Saturday: 9a
-Tuesday: 6:30p(esp)
-Wednesday: 6:30p

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Confession Start Times
-Tuesday: 5:30p(esp)
-Wednesday 5:30p
-Saturdays 9:30a
-Via appointment (contact Lelis Knight).

Traveling for Vacation or Business
Visit masstimes.org for options near work/school/travel

EQUIP Youth Confirmation

When a friend invites you somewhere they give you a destination, with God this is no different. Confirmation is an invitation, a call, from God along our journey to our final destination, heaven. Our life, and how we live it, is our response. Every map has multiple locations, but when asking for directions you are in need of a destination. We created a roadmap for Confirmation, along the Way and you’ll find different locations to build up friendships, skills, and collect resources for your journey. Here are 8 things you should know about Confirmation!

Confirmation registration. Please contact Sonia Marvin with any questions.

About Your Journey